Cookies Policy

Dear User,

Balzo SRL, as the Data Controller, informs visitors of the website (hereinafter also referred to as the "site") about the types of cookies used by the site and the purposes pursued with the information acquired, also providing guidance on how to select/deselect individual cookies in a clear and transparent manner.

What are cookies and what are they for

Cookies are small-sized text strings that the website sends to the User's terminal (usually to the browser), where they are stored to be then transmitted back to the same website during the User's next visit (so-called first-party cookies). Therefore, they are a tool that assists the Owner in providing the service based on the various purposes pursued. Some of these purposes may also require the User's consent; such consent can be freely revoked at any time following the instructions contained in this document. During navigation on the site, the User may also receive cookies on their terminal that are sent from different websites (so-called third-party cookies), which happens because the visited website may contain images, maps, links to other web pages, and other elements that reside on servers different from the one where the requested page is located. The responsibility and management of first-party cookies are directly assumed by the Owner, while that of third-party cookies falls on their respective owners and managers.

Types of cookies

Cookies can have a duration limited to a single browsing session (so-called session cookies) and automatically deactivate at the time of closing the browser, or they can have a predetermined expiration (so-called permanent cookies) and remain active until such time, thus continuing to collect information over the course of different browsing sessions. To provide a complete description of these devices, it is necessary to make further distinctions based on their technical characteristics. Indeed, cookies are used for different functions: some are necessary to allow the User to navigate the website and use its features (technical cookies); others are used to obtain statistical information, whether aggregated or not, about the number of Users accessing the site and how the site is used (so-called analytics cookies); yet others are used to track the consumer's profile and allow them to display advertisements consistent with the tastes and consumption habits of the User (so-called profiling cookies).

Which cookies are used and for what purposes

The following types of cookies are currently used on this site:

  • Technical cookies, used to enable the operation and secure and efficient exploration of the site, save the session, and perform other activities strictly necessary for the functioning of the site, to save preferences and optimize the User's browsing experience;
  • Analytics cookies, assimilated to technical cookies where they are used directly by the site manager to collect information, in aggregate form, on the number of Users and how they visit the site itself, in order to improve the webpage performance;
  • Profiling cookies
  • In the following table, all the cookies present on the site are listed, with evidence of their specific characteristics and, in the case of third-party cookies, the link to the respective privacy information is provided below, so that the User can knowingly decide whether to consent to their use and which cookies to block or delete.