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  • Genre: Arcade
  • Target: Casual
I like Kroms: Kolor Monsters Invasion. It’s simple and challenging, and is easy to pick up, and is free. Androidrundown

Kroms is set in a crazy building site where the builder Tony has to erect a high chocolate skyscraper, The kroms are colored tiny monsters hanging around the building site which obstaculate Tony in his job and drive him mad. Because of this, Tony has to catch all the kroms trapping them in chocolate walls. Level by level, he’s going to discover this mission won’t be a piece of cake!
Kroms is inspired to old fashioned fence-off games like Qix and similars but it revolutionize them with three mechanics:

  • Different goal:
 In kroms you don’t want to fill a percentual of the the playfield but catch all the kroms.
  • Original colors’ rule: 
 Every time a krom or a group of kroms are catched, Tony will get their color. When a krom touches a line as it is being drawn, Tony will fall unless his color is the same or contains (i.e. green contains blue) the krom’s color.
  • Rewarding system: 
The player will gain one, two or three stars depending on how many catches he will do to clear the level (more combos = few catches). The stars obtained will be needed to unlock more levels’ group – aka floors of the chocoskyscraper


  • Classic gameplay improved with innovative features
  • Simple to play, hard to master
  • 90 breathtaking levels and lots of new features in the works, so stay tuned!
  • A game of skill, a dash of cleverness and fun characters
  • Spectacular graphics and sound

Kroms is available on the app store and google play store. Visit Our facebook page for more information or get it straight away.

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